Gospodarstwo Rolne. Ferma Rola. Jaja Konsumpcyjne. Zakład pakowania jaj. Jolanta Rola. Zbigniew Rola    we are a farm with over twenty years of experience in the poultry industry, we are focusing on the production of eggs on straw ground. Unlike mass manufacturers we are able to personally oversee every stage of production to get the best quality and most of all about good taste.

   In our production we prefer the way of culture - "in harmony with nature" the natural color of the yolk without artificial colorings obtained by the feeding of laying hens as "rural".

  Our eggs are characterized by excellent taste. The most important factor, which is guided by the clients opinion, taste and nutritional value is ensured through careful selection of nutritious feed, strict control of rearing chicks and hens on the farm by the veterinary services.

Egg packing plant has implemented the HACCP system.

Our advantage is the market

  •    tradition in the production,
  •    quality assurance,
  •    high customer orientation
  •    stability of supply.


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